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Chris is the only Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in SE England, Based Near Ditching Common, Sussex.  1 of only  76 worldwide qualified instructors selected by Monty Roberts to spread his message of violence free horse training, to create willing trust based partnerships with your horses.

Based in Sussex and covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and London.

Only Certified Monty Roberts Instructors are licensed to teach, demonstrate or charge the public to train using these methods. All instructors can be found on Monty’s website (click above link) if someone isn’t on this list, they are not instructors.

Horse Psychology Weekends on Offer

Got questions about horse behaviour, psychology and how to use the way they think to your advantage when training? Ever had issues with any behavioural problems? Our Horse psychology & behaviour weekends are on special discount until Friday 20th March. Follow link for details 


Thank you so much for helping me with trailer loading my cob Bobby. Without your help we would have never made it to the vets. By breaking the process down for him you made the whole experience less frightening. It was lovely to see the difference in him in the trailer, from wild eyed at the beginning to calm and eating hay at the end. You really do have a very kind but firm way of giving the horse (and owner) confidence.

I can’t thank you enough,

kind regards



Chris Morris, one of Lead-Up UK’s super talented instructors. Chris has a lot of experience working with people and horses to help them erase violence in all areas of their lives. Monty’s ‘Horse Sense and Healing’ program, for veterans focuses on similar themes to those of Lead-Up and Chris has been one of the most active instructors in the HSH program. He has also facilitated Lead-Up workshops in Flag Is Up Farms, home to Monty Roberts and to the Monty Roberts International Learning Center, Solvang California. We are all excited and eager to share news of workshops to come!! Breathe, breathe, breathe! 🤞🏼 #patience! ——————————————————— #leadupusa #leadupuk #leadupinternational #lead_up_international #montyroberts #horsesenseandhealing #youthleadershipprogram #equinenonprofit #violenceisnevertheanswer #peacefulleadership @whisperingequus @monty_roberts

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