Anna Blunden

As a McTimoney Animal Chiropractor, I hold an MSc Animal Manipulation from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and am an active member of the McTimoney Animal Association.

As a teenager, I was never lucky enough to have my own horse, so I would I ride other people’s horses, often they had ridden issues. I would figure out these issues and after some hard work, the horse would become a joy to ride, often, the owner would take the horse back, and I would start again with a new horse.

I volunteered at my local riding school as a child, spending my weekends and summers looking after the horses and clients. I then went onto ride with a small scale dealer, learning about breeding, looking after foals, keeping horses more naturally, starting youngsters and rehabilitating horses who needed ridden re-education, including the re-education of ex-racehorses; nutritional rehabilitation and improving confidence in the ridden horse, and young horses. I also learnt a huge amount about saddling and saddle fitting, the importance of checking and changing saddles as a horse gains muscle and topline. During this time I also learnt how to ride in a more classical way, without force and in a way that not only improves the horses biomechanics when ridden, but I also found this way of riding and training would greatly improve the horses temperament, nervous horses would become calm and soft, when ridden in this way.

These early experiences with horses lead me to have a wealth of experience working with many types and personalities of horses. Many of my clients call me because their horse tends to be nervous or unsure of new people, I am able to treat nervous horses without upsetting it, allowing the animal to get the best of the treatment without being reduced to restraining an already sceptical animal.

I own a young cob named Badger, who I am just starting to train to be ridden, and 2 cats, whom I also treat. I also have a share of a beautiful soul called Fox, who had a troubled past and extensive physical issues. He now is a calm member of our herd and has a job teaching students on Monty Roberts courses run by Chris.