Chris Morris

Chris has a lifelong passion and fascination with the animal world.

After studying animal biology and physiology at university and gaining his undergraduate and Masters degrees. His interest in the Monty Roberts methods grew because it provided answers to questions of why horses behave the way they do, and a way of training them in a way they understand without the need of traditional often harsher methods or equipment.

He worked with several Monty Roberts Instructors across the globe to gain as much experience as he could whilst completing the Introductory and Advanced certificates. This culminated in Monty inviting him to undertake the instructors internship at Flag Is Up Farms and becoming a certified instructor in September 2012, one of only nine currently based in the UK.

Chris was elected to the Instructor Executive Committee by his peers and Monty in 2015 and along with 7 other senior committee members now sets and reviews policy for other instructors, assesses advanced students and is also responsible for selection of new certified instructors.  implements updates to teaching methods and manuals as well as overseeing updates to instructor websites.
He is approved to teach the Advance Course at Flag Is Up Farms and has just recently returned after being resident Instructor at Flag Is Up for Sept/October this year.

Based near Brighton, Chris runs courses in Monty’s concepts including Join-Up®, Long Lining, Horsemanship 101, and the Introductory Course of Horsemanship. Also available for call-outs and individual training sessions in and around the Sussex/Surrey/Kent/London areas.

My self and Monty @ Flag Is Up Farm Dec 2019