Private 1:1 Courses

Did you know all the Monty Roberts Courses are available on a private 1:1 basis at our yard in Sussex?? All of the short Modular Courses& the big Introductory Course can be taken on a request/private basis… 1 advantage is that you’ll be maximising the time you spend learning with our horses, the Introductory Course, usually taught over 2 weeks can be done in just 7 days!! All the course information can be found on the individual course pages, once you’ve decided on the course Contact Us for a private quote… We look forward to hearing from you…

Get the “leading” right and the rest will follow

Leading is much more than people think, and behaviours I am regularly called out to fix, whether on the ground or in the saddle are at their core are all connected…. Some issues take longer “to fix” than others, but in most cases the horse is behaving exactly as they should given the situation and past training/handling. People have a tendency to “overcomplicate” situations with horses, making it more confusing and difficult for the horse to figure out what behaviour is actually OK and what behaviours aren’t…  most issues boil down to 2 simple principles that are commonly misunderstood…,  Find out in much more detail on a Ground Works Weekend