Whispering Equus Sunday Lectures…

“Pressure Problems” from



Chris Morris, Certified Monty Roberts Instructor will be presenting an interactive lecture on Horse Behaviour, Psychology, “Natural” Horsemanship, how to create a willing partnership with your horses & training tips..

£15 per person (purchased in advance, see below)

Includes Free Tea, Coffee 

If you have an interest in horses, own one (or several!) or have a question about the “how and why” they behave the way they do, then this afternoon talk is for you! Chris will be talking about his work as an instructor, one of only 10 Certified instructors currently based in the UK. Come and hear how he deals with the “problem” behaviours he is routinely called out for, and how the solutions to many are based on a very simple principle….

We will be discussing training goals, both on the ground and ridden work, and how some little changes to the schedule and routine can make a big difference to successful training.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, so if you have questions about a specific issue you’re having with a horse, or want to learn more about the Monty Roberts organisation including the Horse Sense and Healing and Lead Up Programs this is the talk for you…


Dates to be announced