Gentling “Wild” Pony Course 3 Day Special


This 3 day practical course, is your chance to learn how we gentle the more “wild” and untouched horses. We will be working with some recently rounded up Exmoor Ponies, and you will learn how to start building their trust in the presence of humans. You will get to experience their first touch!

We will be introducing them to their first headcollars, ropes and general first steps to being handled/groomed, as well as helping them learn the steps to leading, as well as leg and feet handling. All in the most humane relaxed way possible, working with them the way they think and learn.

This is your unique opportunity to develop your skills when working with more “flighty” and potentially nervous horses that know little of the domesticated world they will be being adopted out to. You’ll also learn more in-depth horse psychology and behaviour and begin to appreciate how every move you make and the intent behind it is read by the horse.

This “intermediate” level  is NOT for anyone, you MUST have taken either the Certified Monty Roberts Introductory Course or Ground Essentials/Dually Halter or Join-up modular course (or equivalent) with either Whispering Equus or another Certified Instructor.

student numbers will be limited allowing you maximum time with the horses, so grab your place whilst they’re available.


5-7 April 2024

@Priory Court Farm, Polegate Sussex.



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This course is completely separate from all the courses we teach and does not form part of the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate.