Join-Up 2 Day Special

This 2 day Join-Up weekend is your chance to practice and refine your Join-Up skills…

We will be using horses that are at an “intermediate level” and are challenging, flighty and will be your chance to see if you can change the recipe of Join-Up you would have learned on the Introductory level courses, to fit the horse and training situation in front of you… They will teach you more about the refined skills of Join-Up and mirror back more of the effects of your  body positions and movements…

We will also be combining the initial trust building Join-Up with more desensitisation techniques specific to each horse if we identify anything  in particular to help the horses become more confident and less reactive.

This will be a great opportunity if you are thinking of going to the USA to take the advanced course in the future.

This “intermediate” level  is NOT for anyone, you MUST have taken either the Certified Monty Roberts Join-Up or Introductory Course with either Whispering Equus or another Certified Instructor.

Taking place near the village of Hindhead, Surrey on 28-29th May 2022 student numbers will be limited allowing you maximum time with the horses, so grab your place whilst they’re available.

Cost £300

Sold out   

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Local accommodation list can be provided, please ask if required.

This course is completely separate from all the courses we teach and does not form part of the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate.