JoinUp ‘Lite’ 1 Day Special…

This 1 day special is your chance to come and experience the basic principles of Monty’s world famous Join-Up technique, but with an emphasis of how to apply the technique in every day situations… whether on the ground or in the saddle..

You will learn how to adapt and use your body language to affect the horse from distance and how to “read” horses better and adapt to situations as they happen.

  • It will provide you with the foundation of the communication we call “Equus” through demonstrations and practical sessions.
  • Learn how to establish a trust based partnership with your horse based on choice, and how to become a much more affective “predictable” person when working with your horse
  • Begin to “read” your horse so you can spot problems before they escalate. This will help with your confidence whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.
  • Find out why this is such a powerful training tool, giving you insights into yourself as well as your horses
  • You’ll also learn to apply the principles of Join-Up and how horses learn to help structure training sessions better so that horses don’t unintentionally learn the “wrong behaviours” which they then apply to other situations (This is unbelievably common with lots of “training” that people use all the time in the UK without thinking about what the horse learns, as it’s often not what you think or are told!)
  • You’ll get to experience how to lead with no ropes and how small changes in your body language make a big difference to the horse

For those of you attending this 1 day special if you are interested in taking your skills further you will receive a 20% discount on the 3 day certified Monty Roberts Join-Up Course

All Horses and equipment provided, it’s not an option to bring your horse with you. This day is also suitable for “beginners” with no prior horse experience.

When: 14th June (sold out)

                 13th July (sold out)

 30th August (2 spaces)

Where: Near Ditchling Common, Sussex

Time 9am-4pm

Cost £155

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