McTimoney Animal Chiropractor

“Dear Anna, I can’t thank you enough for the improvement you made to Jensen’s ell-being. His walking is so much better and his back isn’t hunched like it used to be. It’s taken several years off him. Thanks again”

Dawn, Poynings.

“Thanks for working on Mr Darcey today, you have worked wonders on my other boy Oakley so can’t thank you enough. Highly recommend!!”

Claire Hardy, Pleasant Rise Equestrian Centre

“Thank you so much to Anna Blunden – McTimoney Animal Manipulation Therapist for working with Henry, Ben and Trigger. The change in the first two is unreal and Trigger bless him will benefit so much too :o) Your a super star and we highly recommend you :o))) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as its lovely to see how happy the horses are :o))))”

Tabitha, Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary

McTimoney is a manipulation technique developed by John McTimoney, the technique uses speed to release muscles, rather than forcing joints to realign.  Most of the adjustments I make are to the spine and pelvis as they carry and protect the spinal cord, nerves leave the spine by passing between the joints of the vertebrae, if a misalignment is present, it may close down the space that the nerve has to pass through, ultimately preventing the nerve from working at its optimum.  This can lead to a decrease in muscle tone in the muscle supplied by a nerve that has to pass through a narrowed joint space.

The animal will start to use other muscles in the body to compensate for the decreased performance in that muscle, causing some muscles to be over used and some under used.  This sets up a chain reaction with the muscles being over used becoming tighter and others losing tone and being recruited less and less.  In the short term an animal can cope with this, but after a while the animal becomes prone to injury in the overworked muscles or the tightness and imbalance starts to cause discomfort or even pain, especially when being asked to work or exert themselves.

The McTimoney Manipulation Treatment helps by releasing muscles and allowing the joints to align to their most efficient position, relieving tension and allowing the animal to move freely.  In some cases it may be necessary to use exercises and stretches to help prevent a reoccurrence of this initial state, helping to build the weaker muscles and prevent overuse of the stronger muscles is something that I can advise on after the treatment.