What happens during a McTimoney treatment?


After asking you questions about your pet, and confirming that you have your vets’ permission for treatment to go ahead, I will need to see your pet moving in walk and trot if necessary, depending on the species and the nature of the problem I may perform further tests.  Once I have confirmed that your animal is sound and there are no problems that would require the assistance of a vet I will continue with the treatment.  I tend to use McTimoney manipulations first and end the session by releasing any further muscle spasms using different massage techniques, depending on how the animal responds and which muscles are tight.


Anna performing McTimoney methods on Moo
Close up of spinal adjustment
After treatment I can advise on any changes that may prevent a reoccurance of the same problem, these may include stretches ot exercises which I will demonstrate to you.
Further treatments may be necessary, this is becuase the compensation patterns can start to creep back in, within a couple of treatments the muscels will stop trying to reset back to their out of balance position.
The number and frequency of treatments needed depends entirely upon the nature of the problem and how long the problem has been present.