Monty Roberts Courses

Whispering Equus offer a number of fully certified Monty Roberts horsemanship courses. 

Horsemanship 101 is ideal for beginners or those who need a confidence boost around horses. The 2 week INTRODUCTORY COURSE is the first step towards a Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship and can also be studied on a  MODULAR COURSE basis

We also offer private Half & full day lessons  and the Monty Roberts courses are also available on a Private 1:1 basis

Only certified Monty Roberts instructors are allowed to demonstrate/teach or advertise these methods & courses. There are only 80 instructors worldwide & only 11 in the entire UK. All of us can be found on the official instructors page on Monty’s website & if someone isn’t on this List they are not instructors and not licensed to teach any of Monty’s methods of ask for money to train your horses using Monty’s name.