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Monty Roberts' Join-UpThe Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship (The Introductory Course)  provides a strong foundation in Monty's Join-Up® methods and indepth knowledge of horse psychology, biology, biomaechanics, nutrition, breeding and husbandry

Both programmes consist of three sections:-

1 The first section, consisting of two weeks of learning, is completed with Whispering Equus in South East England.

2 The second section consists of distance learning modules and field study in which the you complete videotapes and coursework each month from home. The time frame of the field study is variable depending on your commitments, however we recommend several months of practice.

3 The third and final section consists of a 4 day period containing both review and examinations 

Introductory certificate presentation to successful student, who's now able to go to California and study the advance Course at Monty's Home  



Monty Roberts IntroductoryCertificate of Horsemanship

Monty Roberts' Join-Up This Introductory Course is your chance to study the training methods and concepts of Monty Roberts. Students from various equine backgrounds are welcome to take part.. For those with little or no horse experience or people that are wanting to overcome a "fear" of horses, we recommend prior participation in the Horsemanship 101[sitetree_link id=50] class.

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