Certified Monty Roberts Instructor

Holders of Monty’s Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship are then able to travel to Flag Is Up Farms and continue their learning

 USA: Travel to America for the 2 week Advanced Course at Flag is Up Farm, California.
 Home Field Study – Return home and complete distance learning modules and then send videos to Flag is Up farm for grading.by the farm instructors.
 USA: Advanced Review and Exam [2 weeks] – You will undertake your practical exams under the watchful eye of Monty Roberts.
 USA: Internship [3 months] – after successful completion of the Advanced Exams Monty may invite you to undertake the instructor internship where you will spend a minimum of 3 months teaching students from all over the world, train horses, help with corporate demonstrations, and further increase your knowledge and skill under the constant assesment of Monty and the instructors at Flag Is Up Farms. Successful completion of the internship will award you Certified Monty Roberts Instructorship status.