Monty Roberts’ Introductory Course of Horsemanship

This intensive course is your chance to study the training methods and concepts of Monty Roberts & can lead onto gaining the only certificate available in Monty’s methods available outside of the USA.

This course will provide you with good all round working knowledge of Monty’s world famous concepts, with a particular focus towards in-depth horse Psychology, behaviour and learning. Through a mixture of classroom and practical sessions you will learn Monty’s Join-Up techniques, and why Join-Up applies to all interactions you have with your horses, you will begin to appreciate how there’s so much more going on than first appears, especially if you’ve only seen it done at demonstrations..  you’ll learn how to correctly Longline and why it should be part of the ongoing training of every horses…  how to use the Dually Halter correctly and how to structure your training sessions to set your horse up for success.

By the end of the course you will combine all the techniques and know how to preform a “full” Join-Up, as well as have the skills and knowledge to become the trustworthy partner your horses are looking for, enabling you to overcome any issues with leading, loading onto a trailer, standing for the farrier/vet and much, much more. Plus why each of these training or “problem” areas can be overcome using 2 very simple principles.

As well as watching your fellow students, you will see Chris demonstrate each new practical technique and there will be a number of demo horses during the course. We will cover topics including-  “natural” horsemanship, traditional horsemanship, horse psychology, behaviour, learning, biology, nutrition, confirmation, farriery, husbandry, breeding and horse performance.

For those wanting to carry on the learning after the course, and study for the Introductory Certificate Of Horsemanship, the Home-study option includes an additional 500+pages of manual, which provides you with detailed knowledge of all aspects of horsemanship, including breeding, feeding, nutrition, confirmation, biology, horse performance and management and of course has very strong emphasis on horse psychology and learning. We run regular Revision Sessions for any help with the theory and practical content of the course. As a student of the 2 week course you get 1 revision session free!

Chris also offers the opportunity of becoming ‘helper’ for the day on courses and you will get a free practical lesson at the end of the course day. Chris will also send out practice exam questions to make sure your revision is on the right track.

During the home study period, as well as learning the in-depth manual, you will complete several months of field study and submit your work to be assessed by Chris. This is your chance to put what you have learnt into practice, and work with as many different “safe” i.e. trained and backed horses as you can. With Chris guiding you each step of the way to improve your skills & confidence to get you to exam passing standard.

The homestudy package can be purchased separately at anytime if you initially opt to take just the course and change your mind later..

Upon completing your field work you will be invited back to undertake the written and practical exams. Successful completion of which will mean you graduate as a holder of the “Introductory Certificate Of Horsemanship” This is the only Certification you can obtain in Monty’s methods outside of the US, once a holder of this certificate you can undertake further advanced studies at Monty’s Home, Flag Is Up Farms in California.

Horses and equipment is provided, it is not possible to bring your own horses to the course as it’s being held at a livery stables which is currently full



Course Details

When: *13th – 24th May 2019* SOLD OUT

9-20th September 2019 (Only 1 space left!!)

Where: George Green, Nr. Langley/Uxbridge & Heathrow
Course Times: 9am-5pm Week Days.. course doesn’t run on middle weekend
Cost and Study Options £1000 Course Only

£1250 Course + Home-study Option (required if you intend to study for the exams) 

Deposit payment no longer available as we are 8 weeks from Course start date  Full payment required at time of booking

£1500 Private “on request basis” per person for max of 2 people per booking. This Includes the Homestudy package. Private courses can be completed in just 7 days! Get bespoke tutition and maximum amount of time working the horses.

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Extras Cost Of Course Includes FREE subscription to Monty Roberts Online University & a free revision session with Whispering Equus

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