Modular Option

These four courses, can either be taken as stand alone modules allowing you to just take part in a particular course that interests you, or, when they are combined, form an alternative route to studying Monty’s Introductory Course, rather than commit to the 2 week Course. You can add the Homestudy element as well (see Introductory Course  pages for further info) if you want to go on and study for the exam & gain the Monty Roberts Introductory Horsemanship Certificate.Check the modules below for more details.

Join-Up Course [3 days]

Ground Essentials/Dually Halter [2 days]

Horse Psychology [2 days]

Long Lining [2 days]

One-to-one/private – Join-Up®/Long Lining/Dually Halter classes and the Monty Roberts modular courses are also available. Details Here