Ground Essentials/Dually Halter [2 days]

*Everything you do with your horse is at its core a leading exercise.. standing still to be mounted, trotting up for the vet, walking to the fields, loading into a trailer, behaviour in the stable… They’re all connected, and will also affect riding behaviour & confidence

Over 2 days you will learn invaluable tools that will have a dramatic impact on your horse’s behaviour and how to achieve your training goals in a way the horse understands & gains confidence from.

  • You will learn how very common owner “bad habits” and “bad timing” lead to many problems seen in horses, which can quickly escalate into much more serious/dangerous horse behaviour.
  • If you own, or have ever worked with a horses that barges/kicks/bites/rears/won’t load into a trailer or lorry/is scared or of nervous disposition then this course is for you to find out why they behave the way they do!
  • You will learn about and how to use the Dually Halter correctly, and how to establish clear rules and boundaries for your horse.
  • Begin to “read” your horse so you can spot potential issues before they escalate, this will help you gain confidence whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.
  • Learn how the more a horse trusts you on the ground, the more trust and respect he will have for you when you are in the saddle.
  • How to structure your training for a better more successful outcome when dealing with common issues (Clipping, Farrier, Vet, Stable vices and much more!) Everything is a “leading” exercise.. 
  • Behaviour around food is often an issue – come and learn how to get a well behaved horse when food is brought into the mix

Test out your skills on the obstacle course…. and learn why all training should be fun

This course can be combined with the other modular courses to count towards the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship. Horses and equipment provided.



Course Details

When:Private Option

Available all year round on “request” private basis.

2020 DATES :

10-11 October (sold out)

2021 Dates:

April 17-18

June 19-20

July 17-18

August 21-22

Where: Ditchling Common, Sussex
Course Times:09.00-1700
Cost£195 Standard Course per person

Private Option £250 per person. Max 2 people per booking. (Adjust purchase quantity on checkout) 

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Course Option

Local accommodation list can be provided, please ask if required