Horse Psychology [2 days]

This classroom based 2 day course is an in-depth look at Horse Psychology, behaviour & training. How horses think and learn and how their biology & evolutionary past shapes the behaviours you see every day with your own horses.  Without knowing how horses think, respond to stimuli and store memories how are you going to be able to build a successful training session with your horse?

We will cover learning, training and how differently they process the world around them. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss behaviours you have seen in your own or other peoples horses, and how common behaviours seen on yards can develop, and how easy people label horses as “problem” or “difficult” which then often leads to behaviours getting worse not better & why most of the time  the horse is behaving as they should under the circumstances. We’ll also look at up to date research and findings, & how this sits with some long held views on horse training in both the “traditional” & “natural” horsemanship worlds.


This course can be combined with the other modular courses to count towards the Monty Robert’s Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship.


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Course Details


8-9 June (sold out)

10-11 August (sold out)

7-8 September

Where:Near  Ditchling Common, Sussex
Course times:0900-1700
Cost£240 Standard Course

£380 Private Course

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