Join-Up Course

This course is your chance to come and learn Monty’s world famous Join-Up technique 

  • It will provide you with the foundation of the communication we call “Equus” through demonstrations and practical sessions.
  • Learn how to establish a trust based partnership with your horse based on choice.
  • Join-Up is a training tool, every horse and session is different, come and learn why there’s much more to the technique than what you see/learn from the shows & demos.
  • Learn how subtle changes in your body positioning and intent  can have dramatic effects on the behaviour/actions of your horse.
  • Begin to “read” your horse so you can spot problems before they escalate. This will help with your confidence whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.
  • How the technique utilises 2 very simple principles that the horse naturally understands.
  • Learn the difference between positive and negative reinforcement & what effects they have on training, and why so many people get them wrong
  • How herd dynamics can influence behaviour
  • Learn how to achieve join-up without a round pen….. & how everything you want to achieve with your horse can be done with this method. No tricks, no reliance on halters, lines or equipment.
  • Find out why this is such a powerful training tool, giving you insights into yourself as well as your horses & why we use this method when working with military veterans & at risk, vulnerable youth in both the Horse Sense & HealingLead Up  clinics

This course can be combined with the other Modular Courses to count towards the Monty Robert’s Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship. Horses and equipment provided. Please note the only people Monty Roberts certifies & licenses to teach these methods are his Instructors. If they aren’t on this list they’re not instructors!

All Horses and equipment provided, it’s not an option to bring your horse with you for these courses




Course Details

When:2021 Dates

April 9-11 (sold out)

June 11-13 (sold out)

August 13-15 (Sold out)

September 27-29th (1 space left)

*Also available on private request basis

Where:Near Ditchling Common, Sussex
Course Times:0900-1700
Cost £350 Standard Course 

£425 Private course per person. 

Bookings:Please Pay Here & then complete the course Booking Form

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