Student Revision

Have you completed any of the Monty Roberts Modules or 2 week Introductory Course with us? If so we are holding a practical revision day to help you with any of the techniques you have learned. Or are you having new issues with your horse that you’d like to work through? You can use this day to practice Join-Up, Longlining, Dually Halter work, maybe even try your hand at some loading! All under Chris’s supervision and guidence.. A great day to help you gain more experience with the techniques and or help with your practice towards the practical exam… We will be starting slightler earlier at 8.30am and after it gets dark we can switch to the classroom and talk through any parts of the theory you need help with..

The only prerequisite is you have to have undertaken at least one course with Whispering Equus! Which is lots of you!



25th November



Lea Barn Stables, George Green, Slough/Uxbridge

Course Times:

Cost £100

Full payment required at time of booking



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