Chris’ knowledge of horses and their behaviours is absolutely mind blowing. Spending the last week with him has really and truly opened my eyes to how things can be done differently and more effectively. The content covers so many interesting topics and the delivery makes it easy to understand and apply. His horses are also incredible teachers and between them all, I’ve been able to learn / try something that I wouldn’t necessarily have been able to in my usual riding environment.
You don’t need to be “horsey” to be able to learn an awful lot, not just about horses but yourself too.

Liz – Private Introductory Course

Ground Essentials Course

Thank you and yes, the weekend was fantastic.
Got out of it a lot more than I thought (a lot!), and really enjoyed it.
I think my latent learning will be working overtime for some time yet to process all that information!
It reminded me why I got hooked on Monty’s style of learning…everything is done for a reason and it all comes back to the basics. Also great balance of theory and practical.


Whispering Equus – Certified Monty Roberts Instructor
The horse wife ( 🐴Pauline Geere) & i Just had a really fantastic full on weekend of learning Equus! I’m always searching for more knowledge to deepen my understanding of communication with animals in a way they understand…Chris Morris taught us so many valuable things that i will now put into practice on a daily basis! My whole thinking of my every day interactions have changed! some of the things I’ve learnt have blown my mind! I’ve come away with a new & deeper understanding …( & 🧠 fry 🤣)… thank you Chris! We will be back for more courses … can’t recommend you highly enough!


I don’t have enough superlatives to do justice to how engaging, thought-provoking and useful the Join-Up course was!  Chris has the ability to share his extensive knowledge and wisdom in a relaxed way that takes you on an incremental voyage of discovery from day one to day three; a mixture of theory and practice that leaves you feeling confident and eager to learn more. He tailored his approach to meet our needs and responded to all our questions with considered and helpful insights and reflections.  I’m aghast that we covered so much in such a short space of time and just wish that I’d known all this earlier.  An absolute must for anyone interested in riding or working with horses. Thanks Chris!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the taster day on Saturday.!
In particular, I was really impressed with the way in which you delivered the content on the day. It’s very difficult these days to find someone who is easy to understand, is professional – and who doesn’t judge.


I have just done a 3 day join-up course with Chris. This was my first experience of doing any sort of course with horses. Chris is a superb teacher, patient, calm, breaking thinks down into small sections and enabling me to do things I would not have believed possible. Thank you so much and to the lovely assistants Badger, Yazz and Fox 😊


Hi Chris
I really enjoyed your course you are very talented trainer with a lots of knowledge to pass,
you made my course (Monty Roberts course of Horsemanship) really enjoyable and I learned so much from you, it was really amazing, I can highly recommend you to all of you how would like to understand and practice non violent training and day by day handling horses, I’m so lucky to have opportunity study with you ?


Chris Morris, one of Lead-Up UK’s super talented instructors. Chris has a lot of experience working with people and horses to help them erase violence in all areas of their lives. Monty’s ‘Horse Sense and Healing’ program, for veterans focuses on similar themes to those of Lead-Up and Chris has been one of the most active instructors in the HSH program. He has also facilitated Lead-Up workshops in Flag Is Up Farms, home to Monty Roberts and to the Monty Roberts International Learning Center, Solvang California.

Lead Up International

From an habitual rearer to loader…

Hi Chris

I am thrilled not to mention amazed with how well Theo did yesterday considering the weather.  I tried him this evening and he went straight in with no hesitation.
Can’t thank you enough for your help. You are a legend??
Some of the liveries want to learn more, perhaps a half day at our yard when the weather is a bit more reliable..


I have very recently completed a week on a private 1-1 course for the Monty Roberts introductory course of horsemanship with Chris.

From the moment I met him he was welcoming and made me feel at ease with every aspect of the course, from the theory to the practical side. My week was also aided by his three fantastic horses and teachers Yazz, Badger and Fox.

I learnt so much more than I ever expected from my week with Chris. I feel I have much more confidence and understanding. I found this course inspirational and am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into the practice with my own horses and those I encounter.

I would highly recommend this course or any Monty Roberts courses with Chris.
I am so excited to continue the Monty Roberts methods and can’t wait to further my education.

Thank you very much Chris


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