Mark Robson

For 2 weeks in the summer of 2016 I undertook the Monty Roberts Introductory course with Whispering Equus and Monty Roberts certified Instructor Chris Morris. Starting with the basics of how horses behave in the wild, Chris then led us through anatomy, movement and psychology. Simple group games helped with our understanding of how a horse thinks and reacts to stimuli.

The days were a mixture of theory in the mornings and practical application in the afternoon, followed by evening homework for the following day. By the end of week one we were conversant with the Dually Halter and how it aids training but also ready for the weekend to let the brain recover and digest all the information. Week 2 was no less enlightening and we all conducted a number for Join Ups with different horses. In the back ground we each had a project horse to train or desensitise to a certain stimulant. This project would be demonstrated to the rest of the class on the final day.

By the end of week 2 I had performed a number of Join Ups and Follow Ups plus been introduced to Long Lining. Chris videos your work which allows you to review and reflect on it in your own time. By the end of week 2 you should come away with a new view on how to behave and interact with your horse, for me it was all very enlightening.

When Chris is happy with your level of practical skill you will be invited to return to the farm for 2 days of theory exams both short answer papers and long answer questions. The pass mark is high so don’t underestimate how much work is involved. All the papers get double marked by senior instructors, but thats why people train the Monty Roberts way because you know you have received the best training and been tested to the highest of horsemanship standards.

Chris provides online and telephone support through out your training so you are never on your own if you get stuck. If you want to understand horses and train them in a humane way without violence then this is the course for you. I have gone on to load a number of “non loaders’ I have also successful stopped horses from biting and barging as well as trained horse on the Long Line to move through complex obstacle course both forward and backwards much to the owners delight and amazement. The more I do the more I learn. Next step advanced course at Flag is Up Farms.