Dually Days


This 1 day is designed to introduce you to the Dually Halter™ and is a “taster” of what students learn on our popular 2 day Ground Manners courses.

The Dually Halter is a tool, and like any tool if you don’t know how to use it the results will not be as effective as they could be. Your horse also doesn’t “magically” know how to use it either, it’s your job to teach him.

I see many people using the Halter, but it is usually fitted incorrectly and they have no understanding of how and why the Halter works or the Do’s and Do Not’s when it comes to safety.  Come along to this specially designed Dually Day to learn how to fit, use and achieve the results that you are after with your horses. If you can’t spot the many things wrong in the picture below than this day is for you. If you’ve ever used the Dually Halter and come away thinking it “doesn’t work” than this day is for you.. You will be learning with a Monty Roberts Instructor, the only people licensed and qualified to teach you how to use the Halter correctly.


Try your hand at our obstacle course, learn the many uses of the Halter… it’s not just for leading!

To celebrate the start of these new horsemanship days, they are on a “bring a friend” special offer… 


14th July *sold out*

4th August *sold out*

Location : Ditchling Common/Burgess Hill Sussex

Times: 9am-5pm

COST £100 for single person, or £150 for 2 people (bookings must be made together!)

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